A problem with the blacksmith in Mortal Kombat 11 is that the recipes are secret. So you do not know which items need to be combined to get special items. We’ll help you here and show you the list of all recipes in the game of punishment. The smithy in the crypt can be found south of the central courtyard on the right.

All recipes and needed materials

You can find recipes for the smithy like so many other things in the chests of the crypt . Found recipes you can then look in the main menu under  Customize → Collection → Tools → Recipes  . Here you will then see two or three required ingredients as pictures. In this menu, however, only 20 recipes are displayed. There are even more, which we will show you later in this article.

You do not need to find the recipes if you know which three ingredients are needed. That’s why you should take a look at our list of all the ingredients needed. This saves you wild trial and error without result. Caution:  Keep in mind that if you use the wrong ingredients at the forge, you will lose the forgiveness cost, but not the items.