It reaches consoles and PC Redeemer: Enhanced Edition, the enhanced version of the intense brawler that saw the light in 2017.

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is an intense game of action

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is an intense game of actionIn which you must wipe out a multitude of enemies using the fists, the environment and the various weapons you will find along the way, developing everything from an aerial perspective whose camera approaches and slows down to see the most brutal movements. Originally released on Steam in 2017, this version features several improvements and novelties, such as the local cooperative, new character classes or adjustments to the balance of certain levels.

His story focuses on Vasily, an elite violence-addicted agent who once worked for one of the world’s largest cyber weapons manufacturers. When this corporation attempted to turn him into one of its cyborg soldiers against his will, he miraculously escaped to an isolated monastery, where for 20 years he tried to find peace among his fellow monks. Now, the corporation has found its trail and is approaching its location by wiping out everything it finds in its path and, in so doing, they have given it one last chance at redemption.

The plot is quite simple and has not yet convinced us, with characters that are not charismatic and difficult to empathize with beyond the protagonist. It is narrated, of course, by animated illustrations of good quality. His texts come to us in Spanish, so you won’t have any problem following the argument.

The mechanics are simple

The mechanics are simpleAlthough it is easy to confuse some buttons in the early stages of the adventure. Here we have a combination of fists and kicks, a dodge rolling on the ground, the counterattack for when rivals turn into a reddish tonality, the possibility of surprising them in the back to end them with a single attack and use a multitude of weapons and objects that we find on stage or fallen enemies. There are white weapons such as knives, axes and wood with which to beat rivals, pistols with which to attack at a distance or even barrels and chairs that we can throw at them, among many others. They all have a durability, so it’s up to you to use them head on.

When the time comes, you will be able to disarm or dismember the enemies to use their own limbs as hand-to-hand combat weapons. As you can see, it’s an adult theme game, finding enough gore throughout the blood-shaped adventure and a lot of brutality. Unfortunately, it is a combat system that in the long run becomes somewhat tedious and repetitive, finding some peaks of difficulty that do not turn out to be as balanced as we would like to introduce another adventure the  yes, is very fun to be chaining together combos to finish them while we launched counterattacks, dodge, or use their weapons against themselves.

By using your skills and weapons, you will gradually gain points that you can invest in improving the character’s skill with fists, kicks and hand-to-hand weapons in the monk section, or with firearms in the Soldier section. Throughout the game you will also find manuscripts and tablets that further enhance the protagonist’s abilities, being hidden through the scenes.


If you want to unlock all fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11 , you normally need to open chests in the crypt to get new fatalities with luck. However, you can also simply look into our following fatality list, where we present you all the key combinations for the brutal finishers.

All characters in Mortal Kombat 11 each have two fatalities that they can complete at the end of a fight. While the first fatality move of each fighter is unlocked from the beginning, the second remains hidden at first. However, you can also do this from the beginning, if you know the corresponding key combination . This is where our Fatality List comes into play!

We’ll also show you how to trigger all the secret fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11.

Fatality list with all 50 finishing moves in MK11

Fatality list with all 50 finishing moves in MK11

In the following overview we show you the shortcuts for all 50 fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11. As you said, you do not have to find the secret fatalities of each character in the crypt. If you know the key combination, you can do it the same way. In the list, we also give you the distance, so you know, from which distance you must enter the combination. …

Mortal Kombat 11: All recipes for the blacksmith – List of ingredients

Mortal Kombat 11: All recipes for the blacksmith - List of ingredientsThe smithy is an important place in the crypt of Mortal Kombat 11 . Because here you can combine any three items to make new gear, key items, consumables and even in-game currencies. We want to give you a list of all the recipes for the smithy in this guide.

A problem with the blacksmith in Mortal Kombat 11 is that the recipes are secret. So you do not know which items need to be combined to get special items. We’ll help you here and show you the list of all recipes in the game of punishment. The smithy in the crypt can be found south of the central courtyard on the right.

All recipes and needed materials

You can find recipes for the smithy like so many other things in the chests of the crypt . Found recipes you can then look in the main menu under  Customize → Collection → Tools → Recipes  . Here you will then see two or three required ingredients as pictures. In this menu, however, only 20 recipes are displayed. There are even more, which we will show you later in this article.

You do not need to find the recipes if you know which three ingredients are needed. That’s why you should take a look at our list of all the ingredients needed. This saves you wild trial and error without result. Caution:  Keep in mind that if you use the wrong ingredients at the forge, you will lose the forgiveness cost, but not the items.


Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder is here for the comedy. This video game is as rocambolesque as a Monty Python tape and, in fact, its imagery and aesthetic representation is very similar to that of the introductions of its films. Rock of Ages 2 is a surrealist and Non-complex humor. A video game that pits historical figures in battles throwing rocks. Yes, seriously. William Wallace in his castle and you in the other. Choose your best pedrolo and arrójaselo until derribes its doors and squash it.

Gameplay is very simple

Gameplay is very simple

Imagine the course of a golf course. The ball, which you handle, is the ball. The adversary can place obstacles for him. You have a lot of gold to invest in traps, troops and supplies to frenarte and give you the tour. Your mission is to dodge everything, get to their base and damage their entrance. After three or four hits, you or he will win, because you have to do exactly the same thing. I mean, you have to live a constant dynamic of setting traps and handling your ball. This is a race and you have to know what destinations your time.

It has to be said that although the game strives to give you new circuits to save, new ways to hinder the opponent and more and more unexpected variables, it becomes repetitive. The cool thing is that the strength of the title is not exactly in these moments of battle, but in the cinematics of humor and in the presentation of more and more crazy scenes, the game shines in the unexpected. Rock of Ages 2 has this English phlegm that makes his texts as imbecile as they are intelligent. Between his tone and the fact that throwing rocks gets entertaining, you end up with a very nice game that you come back for having a laugh. Again, it’s like something done by the Monty Python: gray like England but it knows how to be fun through its miseria.

The Game Modes

The Game Modes

In game modes we are well stocked while squeezing what your game system allows. The best thing is your campaign. We have to incarnate Atlas and retrieve the globe that fell from the heavens while he was holding it. Have to lose to him and kick him the ass to stone all who encounter him. This proposal adds to the option of making an obstacle race with our stone, facing someone without so much plot in between, race against time and online for up to 4 players.

In short, Rock of Ages 2 is a very fun game that I have been able to enjoy on Switch. As negative points we have the repetition of its dynamics and that the texts played in portable mode become very small. As positive points: his skittish humor, his hilarious presentation and his tremendous stupidity. Let them ask Napoleon how to make war, let him make a long speech about strategy, and let them answer that ‘war is won by stones!’ know you out a smile. If you’re looking for something different, you’re into English strategy and humor, don’t even think about it. You’re gonna laugh.